5 Ways to Prep Your Home for A Sale

Prepping your home for a quick sale is not an easy process. It is not as fun as going around looking at new homes to buy, that’s for sure. When exploring the potential of a new property all the light and fun positive ideas emerge. You imagine yourself redecorating the living room, changing the lighting in the kitchen, and growing a nice garden in the spacious backyard. It is easy to dream big when viewing new homes because it is all in the imaginative realm.

In order to make those dreams into a reality you have to sell your existing home first. That means prepping it to look as good as it possibly can be, whether or not you like the design or not. The potential for you to buy the next house of your dreams rests on showing off the good things about your current home and, to put it straight, sell your home quick for cash.

The key is to spend as much time on the fix-up work as you spend viewing other homes for potential purchase. In the interest of helping you sell the current house you own, here are 5 things you should definitely do in preparation for showing your home:

5. Fix the Lighting

Viewing a home is all about the visuals, as you well know. To that end, you must repair and update all the lighting fixtures and lights in your home. There is no question that someone will take notice if the lighting is not super on point in all the rooms. It should be easy to determine which lights are not as effective as others. Simply go through and check each room to determine the most dim or most bright lights, and replace them. The same goes for the light switches themselves, which easily get damaged and look outdated very quickly.

4. Don’t Forget the Plumbing

Do all your taps run smoothly? If you want to sell your home for cash you had better fix all the faucets up real quick. They should be as good as new in all ways, including water pressure. It is recommended to bring in a plumber just to perfect all the little things that show signs of aging.

3. Mop the Floor Real Good

Now it’s on to the real visual aspects of your home. The floor must be spotless before all viewers come in. It is the first thing people notice and if it makes a poor impression then the chances of the person take the home are slim at best.

2. Show Off the Unique Aspects of the Home

Find the nooks and crannies that make the house unique and highlight them in some way. It could be a place for storage that is out of the ordinary, or particular arches in one room that are not standard features of most homes.

1. Outside Must Look Good

If the outside is left messy, you don’t stand a chance. People like to imagine what they will do with a space, that’s a given. However, it is not a given that they will have a positive vision of your home if there are toys or tires out on the lawn. Keep it clean, keep it serene, and you will have the best odds of selling.

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